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Owner of the Dub Shop, Simon Reece has been in broadcasting and media since the mid-1960s.

In the late 1980’s, following a very successful career as an editor of film, drama, documentaries, commercials and news, Simon established The Dub Shop. His understanding of and vast experience with both the creative and technical sides of programme making have made him the “go to person” both within the company and the wider media community.

While recognising the need to continually keep an eye on new technological developments, Simons’ real passion is the preservation of what is often, irreplaceable material. “I believe everyone has to take it upon themselves to ensure this material continues to be available for our future generations”.

But The Dub Shop is not all about Simon – there are others in the team. Though young enough not to have been around during the demise of some of the older style formats but with technical “savvy” and knowledge of the past (thanks to Simons’ tutelage) they can talk with you about the most appropriate new format for preserving valuable material.

This mix of expertise and interest in preserving the past and what lies ahead makes The Dub Shop uniquely placed to help you with any of your media, moving image or memory preservation requirements.

Over the many years we have been in business we have developed an envious reputation for going “above and beyond” – helping to ensure that the best possible product and service is delivered to our clients at all times.

Give us a call or pop in and see us – we are here to help.

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