Things to Consider

Supplying DVD
Supplying Digital Files
What do you want to view it on? TV YES with a set top DVD player. Your TV may accept certain files played from a USB.memory stick.
Computer YES if it has a DVD drive. However, some new laptops and smaller computers do not have DVD drives. Yes. Make sure you have the right codec in your computer for the file type. E.g. Quicktime player for .mov files.
Want copies? Duplicate disc. Easy to copy files.
Want to edit original material? Yes, I will do it myself We would need to rip and possibly re-encode before editing to get it to the required file type for your editing software. Yes. If wishing to edit, check editing software for file type.
I want the Dub Shop to edit for me Editing would be done before DVD is made. If you are able to play your tapes, we can give you an edit sheet to assist in giving us the edit points. (Click here for edit sheet.pdf)
What type of file? PC Standard DVD video file. Could be any type. Usually an AVI or MP4.
Mac Standard DVD video file. Could be any type. Usually a Quicktime (.mov) or MP4.
Do I supply a hard drive for files? DVD video would be recorded onto DVD discs which we would supply You can supply or we can. For a PC the drive would be formatted as NTFS or exFat, not Fat32. For a Mac the drive would be formatted as Mac or exFat.
Want more than one tape compiled together? We will need to know the order of the tapes to go onto the disc(s). Ideally no more than 2½ tapes with a maximum of 3 hours per DVD. Each tape would be digitised as a separate file, so it is easy to re-order files on your computer.


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